An Argentine family raises money for his child who has cerebral palsy so that they can come to Wu Medical Center(WMC) to do stem cells treatment

Valentin Capdvila, an Argentine 5 years old boy, who suffers from cerebral palsy due to anoxia at birth. It is difficult for him to move his four limbs, he also has epileptic attacks. His parents learned of that WMC was able to treat cerebral palsy patients with stem cells from other parents, so they contacted WMC’s doctors and discussed Valentin’s condition, finally, they decided to take Valentin to Bejing and take the stem cells treatment, all they wants is his son have a better life.

Valentin’s family is not wealthy enough for the treatment and long trip, so their family members and friends set up a series of charity events to collect money for them in Argentina. The local media reported it.

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