Argentine Ambassador Visits Wu Medical Center

On April 19, 2016, the new Argentine ambassador to China, Mr. Diego Guelar, visited Wu Medical Center (WMC). 

In their three hour visit, Mr. Guelar met with Dr. Wu, WMC’s chief neurologist and director who introduced WMC’s stem cell-based treatment and discussed some patient stories, especially patients from Argentina.

Mr. Guelar also visited some  patients from his home country currently being treated at WMC. While talking with the patients, he learned about their conditions, daily hospitalization life and treatment outcomes and expressed his sincere appreciation for the efforts that WMC has made for these patients. Ambassador Guelar also told the patients that he and his colleagues would provide any necessary assistance whenever needed.

Wu Medical Center is one of the most well-known stem cell treatment centers in the world and has treated thousands of patients effectively, including nearly one hundred from Argentina.

Ambassador Guelar was accompanied by Mr. Marcos Bidal d’Asfeld, a Consul General of Argentina, during his visit to Wu Medical Center.



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